About me!

I’m a graphic and social designer. Specialised in the field of art, community and behavior. My work focuses on research, concept and interaction design.

My goal is to make a positive impact on the world by designing really cool experiences! I design with awarnes and empathy, and I’m fascinated with the power of design as a way to inspire and support change.

I run Studio Ace of Hearts. 
A studio that focuses on social and experience design. 

At the moment I’m also studying Sociology at the University of Utrecht.

(pre)master student at
Universiteit Utrecht - Sociology, contemporary social problems

Co-founder and creative at
Studio Harten Aas 

Graphic designer at
Studio Lonne Wennekendonk

Junior designer and researcher at Radical Reframing - No Academy

Guest teacher graphic design at
TU Delft

Design intern at
Next Nature

Best of finals, Witte de With Kwartier
WDKA finals, Hofpoort

Design fiction, Nieuwe Instituut

awards and nominations
Winner Drempelprijs Social Practice:
The Frame Game

Nominee Researchprijs WDKA: 
The Frame Paper

Bachelor Graphic Design,
Minor Gamification at

VWO Culture and Society at
Hofstad Lyceum

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